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Safety and Health 



Safety –our Cardinal Business Principle

Safety and Fire fighting training is provided to our employees and contractor’s workmen on a regular basis. Some of the employees are nominated for external seminars and short duration courses in safety. Additionally, as a conscious corporate citizen alive to its societal responsibility, company is arranging safety awareness program for the inhabitants of neighbouring villages & Schools.

Company is publishing a quarterly safety bulletin for safety awareness. This bulletin covers technical information on chemicals used in the company, road safety, domestic safety, etc. The copies of bulletin are distributed among all employees, local eminent persons and government authorities.

National safety day is celebrated each year on 4th of March to refresh the message of safety in the minds of employees and further bring about safety consciousness. On this day, Essay, cartoon & slogan Competitions are organized on theme of safety and winners are encouraged by giving prizes / Certificates. Names of winners are displayed on Notice Board and Published in our Bulletin – Suraksha Traimasik.

Our company is ever ready to extend a helping hand to local industries in case of a fire or safety related emergencies. Even Local Police department counts on our expertise and infrastructure for exigencies arising out of road accidents or chemical fire.

On-site emergency/disaster control plan is in place to cope with emergencies and mitigate the effects of accidents and bring about normalcy of operations in minimum time. The plan is rehearsed during Mock-drills.


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