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Environment protection is everybody’s responsibility and this world is something we all owe to the future generation. Innovassynth as a conscientious corporate citizen has responsible attitude towards maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment in and around its operational areas. During our operations, this is our earnest Endeavor to preserve the environment, conserve the natural resources and ensure the least degree of air, water and noise pollution. We have, as a well thought out policy, done a lot of tree plantation, and now more than 20000 trees are growing well in our campus giving the whole area a lush green look. We have incorporated tree plantation as one of our Quality objective.

We have received the prestigious award for outstanding efforts in Environmental Pollution Control from State Chamber of Commerce & Industries (1997).

Effluent Treatment Plant

We have a in house effluent treatment facility to take care of our daily effluents. The plant is designed for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatments.

Stream   pH  COD  BOD
Incoming 2-5 2000-4000 ppm 1400-2800 ppm
Outgoing 6.8-7.5 20-50 ppm 10-30 ppm

Gaseous Discharges

Efficient stacks and scrubbers are installed to prevent pollution from gaseous emissions.


INNOVASSYNTH has arrangements with nearby incineration facilities to incinerate organic waste. We have recently become a member of Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage Disposal facility (CHWTSDF) of Mumbai Waste Management Limited (MWML) for disposal of hazardous waste from our R&D and manufacturing Facility.

Furthering its commitment in the area of Environment Protection, Innovassynth is considering becoming a signatory to the tenets of "Responsible Care".



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