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Driving the growth of Innovassynth are its committed employees spread across different functionalities. We firmly believe that our people provide us with the cutting edge and are our vital life force. The diversity of language, region and culture blends here seamlessly into a common work ethos with a strong accent on fostering excellence, recognizing and rewarding entrepreneurship.

We are a dynamic team; excited about our basic purpose; and we share a common set of values. These values, vision, and mission form the core of our identity; an identity that keeps each Innovassynth and the entire Innovassynth team always responsive and innovative in new situations. We share collaborative & symbiotic relationships with our preferred business partners, our employees, all of whom reflect our business ethics, trust & transparency and quality standards. The Human Resource Function at Innovassynth focuses on spotting and grooming talents and competencies required for achieving present and future business goals.

Our Culture, values and beliefs

In our view, only where people grow, the organization grows. We provide an environment where people join and give their best not because they have to, but because they want to. At Innovassynth, we build people to build our business.

Our core set of values inspires our work ethic. We value the highest ethical standards in our work culture. We believe in and value human dignity. Loyalty and commitment is rewarded at all levels. We nurture careers by empowering our people to innovate in an open, informed and challenging work place.

Innovassynth, essentially a research based organization, firmly believes that research is at its best when it's unhampered by red tape and bureaucracy and left free and unrestricted to explore, discover, succeed We encourage the richness of ideas, approaches and points of view within a work environment conducive to both superior performance and personal fulfillment. We value openness and team work in our interpersonal dealings. We respect and reflect a mindset that is Pro Change. Our ongoing Endeavour is to create an organizational ambience where talent can unleash and bloom.

The company promotes a work culture that encourages active involvement of every member. Even in the midst of our achievements, we never forget that we are a team. We exist not to compete against each other, but strive together to conquer newer horizons. In our journey to excellence, we take the time to get to know each other and share a few warm moments. Relations at Innovassynth are it hierarchical or lateral, are essentially formally informal, they are collaborative rather than being competitive.

Training and Development

Skill up gradation and competency building are on top of the Organization's agenda in order to meet the business challenges of the coming decade. Training and development, the rejuvenating and learning enhancement function at Innovassynth is a consensus based priority, reflecting line and staff ownership. Our focus on developing human values and potential through various learning and training initiatives has groomed and retained talent internally by offering promising developmental opportunities.

Innovassynth attributes its success to the commitment and total involvement of its people. To this end, the company believes that consolidating the knowledge base of the people is of utmost importance. To enhance the capabilities of its people and help build a learning organization, the company has a unique learning model which draws on competencies from its internal pool and external resource persons.

Compensation, Recognition & Rewards

Our compensation and benefits are designed to attract, retain and motivate the people who help us achieve our mission and objectives. To recognize and drive performance, Innovassynth has instituted an attractive reward system. While recognizing individual performance, rewards are also linked to business results.

Outstanding performance is recognized and rewarded periodically by way of Innovassynth “Chemist of the Quarter” and “Performer of the Quarter Awards”. In addition, an Employee Suggestion Scheme is in force under which employees suggesting ideas to improve productivity, efficiency or cost effectiveness are befittingly rewarded for their spirit of creativity and continual improvement.

We provide generous benefits programs to enhance employee health and security.


Innovassynth perceives its employees as partners in progress who, realistically speaking are both a value-driver and beneficiary of the Company's growth.

In pursuance of this philosophy, the organisation has recently formulated the Employee Stock Option Plan and offered stock options to its key employees.  In a sharp departure from other companies, who offer such option to a select few, Innovassynth has offered the option to a large heterogeneous group of employees cutting across the hierarchies and functionalities.  The overriding criteria to allot stock option included a judicious mix of criticality of the function, demonstrated performance of the employee as also the potential to add value to the organisation.  The scheme envisages spurring employees to work towards long term growth and profitability of the company assume ownership for progress of the organisation and reap the rich dividends of from value creation.     

Welfare Activities

We are committed to our employees’ health; security and future. We monitor the health of our all employees by regular medical check-ups. For this purpose, we have a full time Medical Officer, who also stays in our colony, adjacent to our factory. There is a provision of Dispensary with an ambulance available to face any emergency. A renowned physician from Mumbai also visits our factory once in two months where our Medical Officer refers the cases requiring his consultation. Our employees’ health record is also properly maintained in the Dispensary. Also, the family members of our employees can avail the services of our dispensary, ambulance, Medical Officer and the Physician. In addition, as a social responsibility, we also allow people from surrounding areas to take benefit of the same. We have provided canteen facility to our workmen. This facility has also been extended to the workmen of our contractors. Our workmen get subsidized food, eatables, soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc in the canteen. On the similar lines, there is a separate messing facility for Staff Employees as well. 



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