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Life at Innovassynth 



We believe that the best way of shaping a strong Innovassynth for tomorrow is to invest in our best resource; our people. At Innovassynth, our culture is unique and our commitment to people is without peer. Innovassynth understands and respects the individual's needs and provides them with a range of facilities to help them grow as professionals in various facets of life. Our professionals flourish in an environment that is open, diverse and truly supportive.

There is a focus on building our human resources and energizing our people into thinking radically in finding new avenues for growth. The company focuses on empowering and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization with a view to develop and nurture talent in the organization. Professional development and interpersonal relationships are accorded a high priority while creating a more congenial and people oriented milieu across the organization.

Our environment supports employees’ personal as well as professional needs. By providing flexible hours, we strive to meet our employees' needs for a balanced life. You will discover that the Innovassynth career environment has been created to help you achieve your work and life goals. We ensure that our employees are well- equipped to develop and succeed both in their career and personal life.

Our employees are motivated and empowered by structured career plans that optimize their individual potential. We particularly emphasize innovative work methods, social interaction and team spirit across the organization. Recognizing the fact that a happy work force is a productive work force, Innovassynth ensures the well being of all its members. A fact that is underlined in its core belief: 'We build People to build our Business.' An abundant opportunity to learn and grow is at the heart of our success at Innovassynth.

We ensure that all of our policies, forward-looking initiatives and goals are fully communicated to all employees and that they understand and relate to these. Our commitment to our people is reflected in the sense of belonging and pride every employee feels towards the organization and the passion and commitment they bring to their work.

We at Innovassynth are committed to improve the quality of life of our employees – both on and off the job. Our R & D and manufacturing facilities are situated among the sylvan surroundings of Sahayadri hills. We have a well - laid out colony which boasts of a rich socio- cultural life. Innovassynth attempts to orchestrate events and activities which give our employees an opportunity for periodic recreation, recharge and rejuvenation. Our cultural group in the colony - VIBGYOR is very active and organizes an array of events, programs, get together, sports tournaments and other socio-cultural activities to create a culturally resonant atmosphere, bring about a feeling of togetherness, give the hidden talent among the employees a creative expression and at the same time provide healthy wholesome entertainment.

Throughout our history, a legacy of caring for others has been at the heart of everything we do at Innovassynth. This commitment is no less important when it comes to our employees. Truly the joy of working here is its own reward !



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