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Innovassynth Technologies (I) Ltd. formerly known as Chemicals Division of Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd. came in to existence since 1st August 2002. It is a part of the well-known business group involved in activities like polyester fiber, polymers, pre-forms, and computer software among others.
The company is catering to the needs of customers in the area of 'knowledge based R & D services' for the last 5 years, which include:

       -Contract R & D
       -Custom Synthesis
       -Contract Manufacture
In a very short period the company has established its name as a reliable partner in above area of activities and has joined hands with many prestigious companies in the field. The company has identified NUCLEOSIDES as a niche area and earned reputation as a supplier of various protected Nucleosides and a partner for Process research.
The company is involved in business with well-known companies in various fields like pharmaceuticals, perfumes, agro chemicals, and fine and specialty chemicals. With two sites at its disposal, one already active at Khopoli near Mumbai and the other in the development stage at Chennai. It has already set up a cGMP Pilot Plant Facility where 10-15 Kg batch size is possible. It is going for US FDA approval in near future.



1. Pharma / Pharma Intermediates
Innovassynth offers intermediate products required for bulk drugs as well as New Drugs under development. Being a service company, Innovassynth has no issues with regard to Intellectual property rights. Moreover, it has formed a joint venture company in USA with Austin Chemicals Inc., US, which acts as a marketing arm for Innovassynth.

2. Protected Nucleosides and Amidites
Innovassynth has identified this as the ‘Niche’ area. It has been working in this field since 2001 and developed the skill sets for handling mostly all types of compounds. Our specialization is in the scaling up of the various reactions. Column chromatography on kilo scale is a special feature of our pilot plant for Nucleosides, Nucleotides and amidites.

3. Protected Amino Acids for Peptide Synthesis
Innovassynth`s product line includes a wide range of both amine group and side chain protected amino acids (FMOC, BOC , CBZ, etc.. ) along with the acid activation /protections. Innovassynth has in-house capabilities for manufacturing the amino acid derivatives for the production of pharmaceutical peptides.

4. Flavor and Fragrance Chemicals
Innovassynth has an established base in USA to market the Flavor & Fragrance chemicals in US and European markets. Innovassynth products fulfill the odor demands of the products, which is a primary requirement in this field.

5. Fine & Specialty Chemicals
Innovassynth is dealing with big US catalog companies to develop and provide high value fine chemicals and specialty Chemicals. It is also negotiating with European Fine Chemicals companies to participate in the outsourcing program of these companies.

6. Nutraceuticals
Innovassynth has recently made a foray into this area. It has identified a few products which are of synthetic and standardized herbal extracts. A full-fledged laboratory has been set up to develop the products. In the meantime, a synthetic product is already in production and being marketed in USA through its associate company in US. Another herbal based product is in the final stage of commissioning. A few more products are in the pipeline.



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