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Innovassynth reveals new brand identity

Innovassynth reveals new brand identity

A few moments in the destinies of organizations and careers of their professionals are etched in collective memories as surreal experiences. 29th October 2021 was one such day for Innovassynth. The occasion was the launch of the much-anticipated new logo. The event turned out to be much more than that.

Innovassynth came alive with a surge of contagious positive energy that brought out the best feelings and emotions in every single person. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation of new possibilities and a brighter future that everyone wanted to be a part of.

The first step towards transformation was successfully taken. Innovassynth became the space where the best that everyone had to offer came together as a massive force moving forward in one direction chasing a single goal. That goal is to transform Innovassynth into a world-class organization.

Above logo has been launched with the understanding that it represents our product’s dynamism, distinctiveness, and utmost level of brilliance.

‘O’ represents form of a DNA in the circular structure, with services offered in Custom synthesis and Contract Manufacturing.

Colours selected indicate our strong connection with vitality and exuberance, longevity and stability.

As the name implies, Innovassynth is about innovation & synthesis.

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