Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for future generations who will inhabit our planet remains the guiding principle of our EHS and Sustainability operations. Being in the chemical industry we fully appreciate the potential and impact of the medium that we deal with. We have made it our endeavour to channelize this potential constructively to maximize its positive impact.

Statutory compliance is the bare minimum that we do. Nurturing the society that we operate in and thereby the environment, is an integral part of our long-term sustainable business strategy. At every basic level of our operations, we take the utmost care to secure the safety of every member of our extended family. Right from procurement to final dispatch, every stage of our operations is governed by meticulously designed protocols that secure the safety of our men and environment.

We follow a stringent Environment Management System (EMS) and OHSAS. We have installed state-of-the-art pollution prevention facilities to ensure that the destructive potential of the by-products of our operations is completely neutralized. Our Effluent Treatment Plant ensures there is a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) from our operation. Our sewage treatment plant, i.e., STP ensures our sewage is thoroughly filtered, biodegraded, re-filtered, tested, and recycled. Our Occupational Health Centre i.e. (OHC), defines and monitors the health standards of our employees, contract partners, and visitors.

Our vision for the future is to modernize our operations through next-generation cutting-edge and path-breaking environment initiatives that leave a positive footprint for future generations. We have started our journey to enhance our EHS operations through “Parivartan for Suraksha” initiative, aiming for Zero Harm. We are moving towards green chemistry that opens unlimited possibilities to contribute to our environment.

At an individual level, every member of the Innovassynth family remains committed to ensure safety and positively contribute to the environment and Innovassynth empowers them to do so while remaining committed to conducting our operations in a manner that demonstrates an effective Environment, Health & Safety Management at all levels within the company.

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